Team Canada Music is a group of friends, fans and musicians who band together in support of the music we love!

It all started with a Pepper show in Missoula, Montana where 11 of us made the journey down together and had the best time we ever had at a show (up to then). We made matching Tshirts that we call Jerseys.. and even made them for the band!
Our road trip was such a success we decided to continue on with our group.. Always expanding and finding more like minded fans and making some great new friends along the way!

We have recently done some Free promotional compilation CDs and passed them out around our home city of Calgary, Alberta. We make a point to NEVER monetize off of our promotion because we want it to remain Solely about spreading our love of the music!
We focus mainly on the California based Reggae/Rock scene but we can often be found promoting and attending Punk, Ska, and Rock shows as well.

If what we do sounds like something you would like to be a part of (No matter Where you’re from!) you are welcome to Join us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter @TeamCanadaMusic!

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